Sunday, 9 October 2011

Video from your trip...

After much editing, here is the result of your visit to Scotland. I hope you have happy memories from your trip. We miss you and hope to see you all again soon!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Kuvansi trailer by Sami

This is Kuvansi trailer edited by Sami. Let´s wait for the movie!

Scotland 2011 Trailer from Sami Y on Vimeo.

Saturday, 1 October 2011


A short preview of some of the highlights from your trip.
The full video will be available in perhaps a week or so...

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Ready for dinner on the last night!

Finns and Scots together, enjoying dinner in The Rocks restaurant, Dunbar.

It was great to see everyone getting on so well together!

Friends together!

Last night, we headed to Dunbar for dinner in The Rocks restaurant. And, an extra Scotsman appeared! Jyrki, along with the bus driver Ian both wore their kilts to the dinner- what an amazing pair of Scotsmen!
It was very hot, Jyrki said, wearing the kilt, but I think he enjoyed the experience :-)

And above, a short video, taken using my digital camera, from the ceilidh evening. Much better video will come later, once I edit my filming.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Day 4, Wednesday 28th September

Hot sunshine- ready to leave for Edinburgh.

At the top of Edinburgh Castle.

Examining a cannon...

Look out- a knight's about!

Everyone bought some souvenirs, including many hoodies like this!

In the Royal Mile area of the city.

We set off from Innerwick at 9.00 in glorious weather- in what turned out to be the hottest day in September for more than 50 years! By 10.00 we had arrived and were inside Edinburgh Castle, where we split into two groups to explore.

As the weather was so good, we changed our original plan of spending the afternoon in the National Museum of Scotland- instead, after lunch in an Italian restaurant, we decided to take an open-top bus tour of the city! With the temperature now at 24C, it was a great way to relax and see a bit of the city.

On the way back home, we had the chance to do some shopping (we had already bought some great souvenirs in the morning), then we came home and got ready to go out to The Rocks restaurant in Dunbar for dinner with our pen-pals.

Then, it was home to bed, ready for the early start on Thursday to return home to Finland. It has been a great time in Scotland!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Day 3, Tuesday 27th September

At the Museum of Flight, about to board Concorde!

Don't press the ejector seat!

Someone likes Scotland!

Time for lunch...

In our wetsuits, about to try something a little different!

Get the boards ready, guys!

In the North Sea, water temperature 13C.

Time to start using the surf boards.

It's not cold in here- honest!

Confidence is growing stronger all the time...

Time for a race!

Back on dry land, practising for the next bit!

This is a competition- who can run all the way along the surfboards?

Some were not so lucky!

Aahh! I'm about to fall!!

Going, going, gone!

Running champion!

End of a great afternoon. Look out for the video, showing much more!

Dancing at the ceilidh evening.

Super fun at the ceilidh.

Today has been a fantastic (FANTSU) day! We started off by leaving Innerwick after breakfast and heading to the Museum of Flight, where we boarded Concorde at 10am, and saw lots of different planes. We played with various interactive games, and then had lunch before we then took the bus to Dunbar. There, some of us were nervous, as we prepared to head out into the North Sea, to try our first surfing lesson! This was really great fun. After changing into wetsuits, we played games on the sand, and then we started to learn how to do the real surfing! We spent over two hours in the water, 13C before we finally came out and changed again. Many said that it felt much warmer than 13C- the wetsuits did a very good job at keeping us warm. The weather was very good again- sunny and warm, around 19C, so we have been very lucky!

After we returned to Innerwick, we again left on the bus, and went to a special evening. It was a Scottish evening where we ate haggis, listened to bagpiping music, and then danced some Scottish dances, all with the Scottish penpals. Finally, we returned home at 9pm, with some of the penpals a little upset to leave each other! Tomorrow, we go to Edinburgh.

Suomeksi jalleen. Tanaan oli jalleen oiken FANTSUA. Aamulla suuntasimme kohti lentomuseota, missa paasimme vierailemaan Concordin sisalla. Samassa museossa naimme myos paljon muita lentokoneita ja vanhoja toisen maailman sodan aikaisia parakkeja. Museossa oli mahdollisuus pelata monia interaktiivisia peleja, kuten laskeutumista ja monia muita hauskoja peleja. Museossa soimme herkullisen lounaan ennen lahtoa takaisin Dunbariin. Siella osa meista oli hermostuneita kun valmistauduimme menemaan kylmaan mereen. Meilla oli aluksi pieni opetustuokio surffauksen perusteista. Kun olimme saanet markapuvut paalle leikimme muutamia hauskoja peleja meressa. Sitten opettelimme oikeaa surffausta. Aluksi oli pienta tuulta ja kuin tilauksesta tuuli vahan koveni. Surffasimme pari tuntia, vaikka vesi oli vain 13 asteista. Markapuvut pitivat meidat lampimina ja saa oli jalleen erinomainen. Lampotila oli 19 ja tuntui kuin olisi kesa. Meilla on ollut todella hyva tuuri, silla pari aikaisempaa viikkoa taalla on ollut sateista ja viileaa.

Illalla menimme skotlantilaiseen iltaan joka jarjestettiin eraanlaisella "seurojen talolla." Se oli todellinen skotlantilainen ilta. Saimme nauttia sakkipillin soitosta, soimme skotlantilaista perinneruokaa Haggisia ja sitten tansimme skotlantilaisia tansseja yhdessa kirjekavereiden kanssa. Tulimme takaisin majapaikkaan vasta kello 9. Osa meidan tytoista oli surullisia, koska he joutuivat eroamaan kavereistaan. Huomenna me vietamme koko paivan Skotlannin paakaupungissa Edinburghissa.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Day 2- Monday 26th September

After assembly, where both Finnish and Scottish pupils showed their powerpoints to each other and exchanged presents!

Fish and chips for lunch!

George, aka Jyrki, tries out a new toy!

In Gifford, by the church.
Bowling, on the ultra-smooth grass!

The competition is getting hotter!

It's a wonderful sunny afternoon as we continue the bowling!

Who is going to win?

After golf and bowling, we returned to Innerwick, where we enjoyed pizzas for dinner!

Each of us was given a Scottish bag full of surprises, including special mugs made to remind us of our visit to Scotland!

The Scottish penpals came to play games with us all this evening, and we had great fun together!

Playing games with each other.

Look at this- we even watched one of the Scottish pupils who performed on his unicycle! Wait until you see this on the video- which will be uploaded later!!

A chance to discuss things between Scottish and Finnish parents.

We work here too! Completing our diaries at the end of a very busy day!

A very busy day in Gifford!! Assembly, powerpoints, class visits, unihoc, walk around Gifford, golf and bowls. then, pizzas for dinner, and visits from the penpals this evening! Phew! We are tired but very happy. A fantastic day for everyone. More tomorrow!

Ja sama suomeksi. Meilla oli tanaan todella kiireinen paiva. Kokonnuimme aamulla koululle ja pidimme powerpoint-esitykset ja saimme kuulla myos esityksia Skotlannista. Vierailimme luokissa ja saimme ihailla alytauluja. Alytaulut on jokaisessa luokassa Skotlannissa. Pelasimme paikallista sahlya, teimme kavelyretken Giffordissa. Sitten menimme pelaamaan golfia ja keilaamaan hienolla nurmella. Soimme pitsat ja saimme vieraaksi kirjekaverit tana iltana. Olemme vasyneita, mutta onnellisia. FANTSU paiva jalleen. Lisaa tekstia huomenna.

At the bowling green in Gifford!

We spent the afternoon golfing and bowling in Gifford. Here are some bowling pictures.

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