Thursday, 17 February 2011

Thursday 17th February

We started the day off by visiting Parkunmäki Primary School, on the way to Savonlinna.

We were treated to Auld Lang Syne in Finnish, by the school band!
The children showed us how they sing and dance!
The girls taught English colours to their Finnish peers at Parkunmäki school.
Delivering the Powerpoint presentations.

Lovely salmon for lunch!

Snow football...Finland v Scotland
After playing snow football...check out the frozen eyelashes!

Before we left Parkunmäki koulu primary school at lunch time.

At Savonlinna. What a scene!
In Olavinlinna Castle.
Can you see the steam rising by the "boiling" water? !!

How deep is this snow?
Our accommodation, by night.

Some thoughts from a very busy and wonderful day today here.

Katrina: We went to a tiny school this morning and we had salmon there for lunch. We went to Oskari seal centre to learn about the Saimaaa ringed seal. In Savonlinna, we went to the supermarket to buy things. On the way home in the bus, we went a bit mad, singing songs!

Catriona: In the supermarket in Savonlinna, we bought some Finnish stuff. I bought these “functional chewy pastilles” which are really nice.

Amy: We went to Olavinlinna Castle and we got to see lots of things there. It was -35C when we left here this morning, and -27C this afternoon. It was really fun! We went to a restaurant for dinner and had really nice pork. I'm loving it here!

Iola: I thought the sledging at the school we visited this morning was brilliant. We visited a huge castle this afternoon- it was cold there, but good. I liiked the pork we had for dinner at the restaurant.

Frazer: We did lots of fun things today. We played snow football at the school we visited this morning. The score was Finland 1, Scotland 1. The castle we visited had great views. After that we shopped for some things, and I have eaten most of what I bought. I bought some Lego people and a car. Later, we went to a restaurant in Rantasalmi and I had lots and lots of mashed people. I have really enjoyed this week so far.

Ryan: I have enjoyed playing in the snow. I had great fun skiing yesterday, and the football today was good. The score was 1-1. Tonight we are going to try the sauna.

Irwin: Playing football was really good- I scored the goal for Scotland! I also enjoyed ice-skating yesterday. It's very cold! Tomorrowe I will be skiing at the link school.

Michael: I enjoyed going to the museum. I enjoyed playing football with the Finnish children today. At half time, Finland was leading 1-0. But we scored in the second half. The castle today was very good. I bought a historic envelope opener at the castle. So far, I am having a great time!!

Kyle: I have enjoyed the music museum and the castle. The ice skating at Kuvansi school was very good. Tomorrow, I am looking forward to going skiing. The weather is really cold- it's freezing!

Ewan B: I liked the ice skating and the museum was funny. I am quite excited about going to try the sauna. Finland is really great. It's cold. The snow football this morning was cool. This afternoon we visited Olavinlinna Castle and it was weird going out this morning when it was -35C!

Dean: I really enjoyed the snow football because it seemed to have no rules. The final score was 1-1 and Irwin scored the goal for Scotland. Afterwards, I had frosting of my eyelashes- Mr Purves took a photo of it! I am really enjoying Finland!

Mrs Hilsley: We are having an absolutely fantastic time here! The children are real stars, and they are an absolute credit to you and the school. The children have thrown themselves into everything we have done, and we are being very well treated by all the Finnish people here.

And some final thoughts, after the sauna!

Quote from Lewis: That was AWESOME! It's the best thing I have ever done in my life!!!

He is referring to the fact that when the boys all went to the sauna, they raced out and rolled in the snow afterwards!! It was certainly an experience of a lifetime!