Friday, 18 February 2011

Friday 18th February

This "tandem skiing" isn't always easy!

Tandem skiing.
Getting ready to tandem ski.
This keeps you warm!
The teachers did it too. Even Mr Purves, but as I took the photos, there are none of me..yet. Jyrki took pictures too, so perhaps next week...
It was so cold, that even the hair became icy!
Lunch at Kuvansi.
Jari the Headteacher gives a present to one of our pupils.
The Old Dance show in Joroinen
We visited the cookery class in the Junior High School.
Ice skating, back at Kuvansi.

Playing together in the evening.

Today has been such an amazing and busy day that I am sorry to report that I have not had any time to gather comments from each of the children. I hope you can forgive me therefore, if I just give a rundown of what we have done, and then include some photos to tell the story of the day!

We started early with breakfast, then left on the bus (in temperatures of -35C) for Kuvansi school at 8.40am. As it was so cold, the original plan to have outside activities all morning was changed. We did some tandem skiing- which was hugely enjoyable- then we went indoors and were treated to a wonderful assembly. At the end of the assembly, we were presented with a lovely large card, signed by the Finnish children. Then, we played floorball (like our indoor hockey). After floorball, we had salmon for lunch, then we left on the bus to travel to the nearby town of Joroinen, where we were visiting the annual "Old Dance Show". This was a fantastic display of dancing, put on by the oldest secondary school pupils, in special costumes.
After this, we walked to the junior secondary school, where we gave a presentation about Scotland, by powerpoint. Then we were shown around the school, and we visited the technical classes and a cookery class.

Then we returned to Kuvansi school, where we spent an hour and a half outside, skiing and ice skating. We then returned home, had dinner, and then were joined by all the penfriends and also parents at our accommodation. Everyone played games and had fun together.