Friday, 18 February 2011

Friday 18th February

This "tandem skiing" isn't always easy!

Tandem skiing.
Getting ready to tandem ski.
This keeps you warm!
The teachers did it too. Even Mr Purves, but as I took the photos, there are none of me..yet. Jyrki took pictures too, so perhaps next week...
It was so cold, that even the hair became icy!
Lunch at Kuvansi.
Jari the Headteacher gives a present to one of our pupils.
The Old Dance show in Joroinen
We visited the cookery class in the Junior High School.
Ice skating, back at Kuvansi.

Playing together in the evening.

Today has been such an amazing and busy day that I am sorry to report that I have not had any time to gather comments from each of the children. I hope you can forgive me therefore, if I just give a rundown of what we have done, and then include some photos to tell the story of the day!

We started early with breakfast, then left on the bus (in temperatures of -35C) for Kuvansi school at 8.40am. As it was so cold, the original plan to have outside activities all morning was changed. We did some tandem skiing- which was hugely enjoyable- then we went indoors and were treated to a wonderful assembly. At the end of the assembly, we were presented with a lovely large card, signed by the Finnish children. Then, we played floorball (like our indoor hockey). After floorball, we had salmon for lunch, then we left on the bus to travel to the nearby town of Joroinen, where we were visiting the annual "Old Dance Show". This was a fantastic display of dancing, put on by the oldest secondary school pupils, in special costumes.
After this, we walked to the junior secondary school, where we gave a presentation about Scotland, by powerpoint. Then we were shown around the school, and we visited the technical classes and a cookery class.

Then we returned to Kuvansi school, where we spent an hour and a half outside, skiing and ice skating. We then returned home, had dinner, and then were joined by all the penfriends and also parents at our accommodation. Everyone played games and had fun together.


Lisa Kielty said...

You are truly wringing as much fun as you possibly can out of each day!
Did you learn to cook any Finnish dishes at the cookery class?

Have a great day on the lake tomorrow (if it's not too cold).

Missing you but can't believe how quickly the time has gone here, it must be even quicker for all of you!

Enjoy your last two nights everyone!

Linda Hummel said...

Looks like another very busy and fun day. What an experience. Katrina, we're really missing you now. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. Lots of love xxx

Gunn family said...

Hi, the skating & skiing looked fun. Glad you're all having agreat time & enjoy the next few days. Missing you Ethan (not sure if your brothers are!). Kathleen & Robert x

The Riva Family said...

Hi Everyone,
Yet another action packed fantastic day! It is great to see all the photographs and be kept up to date with your activities. Thank you very much Mr Purves for continuing to do this, it is very much appreciated.

The tandem skiing looks great fun and you are doing really well working together. It is super that you have had time to relax with your pen pals.

Hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow at the lake. Hope you get to ride on the snowmobile Dean!

See you soon, take care.
Love from Mum, Dad and Beth

Daniela said...

Hi Michael C. Love your blog and your photo. Take care and have fun.
Hope everyone else is enjoying themselves.

Claire said...

Hi All,
Weather not cold just wet and horrible. We are so jealous of you all in Finland. Only one full day left so you must all make the most of it. The Lake visit sounds like it will be so much fun we can hardly wait to see the pictures. Blog has been great for showing us all that is going on up in that cold, cold place called Finland. Many thanks to Mr P for keeping us up to date with the goings on and organising the trip. Perhaps a trip next year for brothers and sisters!

BJ said...

Hi Mike! Hope you are having a great time we've ordered Pokemon White for you (its pre-ordered) See ya from BJ.

trotter family said...

hello amy-looked like another great day had by all-(even with all the snow and really low temps, i wish i was there-and you know how much i hate snow).liked megans frosty hair look-hope you ok-have you had that hat on yet? probably not-love you loads dad n adam xx

Fiona Kent said...

Looks like u all had another fantastic day. Hope you enjoyed ice skating ryan, u can maybe show me a few tricks when u get home LOL. Its good to see that u are having a good time so thanku Mr Purves for the pictures.

Have a great day tomorrow, keep warm. love everyone back home xxxxxx

Stephanie Heawood said...

We love seeing the photos and hearing about your day. We hope you have fun at the lake tomorrow and that it's not too cold.
We miss you lots!
Love, Stephanie and Richard xxx

guy donaldson said...

Seems you are all having a fantastic time,many thanks to all those who have put in so much effort to give the children such a wonderful experience.Enjoy your last two days,

Beth Riva said...

Hi Dean,
Ice skating looks great. I am very jealous that you might go on a snowmobile. Oh and by the way Happy Birthday Megan for yesterday.
Miss you Dean.
Love Beth xx

Janey Jack said...

Another fun filled action packed day in Finland judging by the photos. Many thanks Mr P for all your updates. All I can say is that it looks out of this world and you are all very lucky. Thanks to all staff and parents too for putting up with them all! Ewan I am very impressed with your winter sports skills and I hope you are wearing your hat and thermals. Missing you. Have a great last day. Lots of love Jack Family x

Lassi Janhonen said...

So, I had really fun playing these games and I am sure it was a really great experience to everyone. So, I just want to wish everyone a wery good flight back to Scotland, and I hope we will see each other again...

Thanks for visiting Finland and I hope this was a great experience to all!

Seija (Lassi's mother) said...

Thank your Mr. Purves for your precious work with these children. I've been reading your blog with great interest and pleasure. It has been very interesting to see what you have been doing in Finland and read the comments of the children.

Tonight I also read the comments of the parents in Scotland. I want to send my best wishes also to them. You have great, active children. Thank you to let them visit us!

On Friday evening I had an apportunity to see the joy of thechildren when they played together. I hope the co-operation will continue.

Our whole family wishes Mr. Purves and his group safe and pleasant journey back home.

Hanna Dzikowska-McKirdy said...

You guys have been so busy! It looks like you're all havings lots of fun!

Megan, it's great to see you've enjoyed your birthday! And lucky got a present! :-)

Everyone, have a great last night!


Daniela said...

Hi Michael C. Auntie Mo, Betty and Bill says hello and glad that you are having fun! I cannot wait to see you. All have a safe trip.

Noora Tuhkanen said...

It was nice when you were in Finland. It was nice to get a lot of new friends. But most had their best to see you.

Annika said...

I try the tandem skiing with myself and that is hard work.:)