Tuesday, 15 February 2011

We're off!!

Outside the school, as we prepare to leave for Finland!


James Coleman said...

Hope you all have a great time,
poor Mr Purves will need a week of to recover

Fiona Kent said...

hi ryan hope u had a good journey to Finland. we all miss you back home, hope your enjoying yourself. lots of love Mum, Dad, John, Chelsea, Fiona, Frankie, Kameron, Pamela, Isla, Amanda and Lucinda xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Daniela said...

Morning Mr Purves. Forgot to ask. Sorry to bother you. If there is not a shop at the airport on the way back. Could you please let Michael know because I asked him to keep some money back to spend at the airport. Thankyou

Evie Trouton said...

I hope you have fun !

Evie Trouton

Murran said...

Hey lewis,
We hope you had a good journey to finland. We are all missing you. Hope your enjoying your self.The crosscontry skiing looks really good.Logans missing you very much.Lots of love Murran,Scooby,Dad,Mum,sean,charley, logan,Amanda and Eric xxxx

Rollo family said...

Hey Lewis
We all miss u .hope the plane was ok and u are enjoying yourself.

Hi it Logan here I miss u loads hope u are having fun and cannot wait for u to get to to tell me what u did. :)

Hey it's mum and dad here good u are having fun and u better be behaving.

Love u loads big kisses from all the family and scooby misses u as well

nanny said...

nanny wood says,
hi kyle little have a great time in finland ,missing you already ,love and kisses nanny, mummy,daddy and baby david xxxxxxxxx

Daniela said...

Hi Michael C. I am so glad that you are enjoying yourself and I like the photo of you; Take care and have fun. Hope Mrs Hisley, Mr Purves and the Helpers are also having as much fun.